Chapter 7 of ‘The Circle’ a novel on Iraq by Manolis

Posted: 24/02/2015 by vequinox in Literature



“Manolis weaves an intriguing tale of international malfeasance and its effects on many including two Iraqi war orphans in America and their lovers…”
– Ben Nuttall-Smith

Circle is a political intrigue story that reflects recent world events and their aftermath. The characters are caught between circumstances of their cultures and politics of the times, players who are not what they portray: naïve and cunning, loyal and duplicitous, sentimental and appetite driven.

Hakim wakes up and turning to his side, he looks at Jennifer who’s still asleep. She looks beautiful when she’s asleep, like an angel, he thinks, and he runs his hand down her body.
Like an angel with a nice ass. He smiles at the thought.
It’s Tuesday, 6:00 in the morning, and he has to meet his uncle at the hotel for their ride to the airport. He hurries to the shower. When he’s out of the shower…

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