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Ἀπὸ τραγούδια ἒν᾿ ἄυλο κομπολόϊ
σ᾿ ἐσὲ δὲν ἦρθα σήμερα νὰ δώσω.
Μὲ τὰ παιγνίδια ἐγὼ θὰ σὲ λιγώσω
καὶ μὲ τὰ ξόρκια, ἀγάπη μου, ἑνὸς γόη.

Γυμνοί. Καὶ σὰν κισσὸς θὰ σκαρφαλώσω
γιὰ νὰ φάω τὸ κορμί σου ποὺ μὲ τρώει.
Τοῦ λαγκαδιοῦ σου τὴ δροσάτη χλόη
μὲ τὸ χέρι θρασὰ θὰ τὴν πυρώσω.

Τὸ κρασὶ ποὺ ξανάφτει καὶ τὸ γάλα
ποὺ κοιμίζει, θὰ φέρω στάλα-στάλα,
μ᾿ ὅλο μου τὸ κορμί, νὰ σὲ ποτίσω.

Καὶ στὰ πόδια σου τ᾿ ἀσπροσκαλισμένα,
δύο βάζα ποὺ μοῦ παίρνουνε τὰ φρένα,
στερνὴ μανία τὸ μέλι μου θὰ χύσω.


A fleshless string of beads made of songs

I haven’t given you today.

With the spells and games of a charmer

I’ll cloy you, my love.

Naked. And like a vine I’ll climb

to taste your body that devours me.

The tender hairs of your mound

with my fingers I’ll conflagrate.

Wine that enraptures and milk that soothes

to sleep, drop by drop I’ll bring,

to moisten you with all my body.

And on your white sculptured legs

two vases that drive me crazy,

my honey, like a maniac, at last, I’ll ejaculate.




Ἡ περηφάνια μου εἶναι νὰ σταθῶ
γυμνὸς μπροστά σου· κάτου ἡ περηφάνια!
Σοῦ φέρνω τὴν ψυχή μου, ἀστάλωτον ἀνθὸ
τὴ σκέψη μου σοῦ φέρνω, τὴν ὀρφάνια,
σοῦ φέρνω τὴν ἀγάπη μου, τὴ φτώχια.
Ἦρθα, καὶ θέλω νὰ δεθῶ στοῦ πόθου σου τὰ βρόχια.

Σοῦ φέρνω τὸ γυαλὶ ποὺ καθρεφτίζει
τοῦ ἡλιοῦ τὰ γέρματα ὅλα, ὅλα τ᾿ ἀστέρια·
ὅπως σ᾿ ἀρέσει κ᾿ ἡ ὄρεξή σου ὅπως ὁρίζει,
σύντριψέ το μὲ τὰ χρυσά σου χέρια.

Στὴ χώρα τῶν ἀπέραντων ὀνειρευτὰ
ταξίδια, εὐτυχισμένα κατευόδια…
Κάλλιο ἀπὸ σᾶς ἔχω τὴ γῆ ποὺ μὲ πατᾶν τὰ λατρευτά,
τὰ πλαστικά σου πόδια…


It is my pride to stand before you

naked; down with my pride!
I bring my soul to you, a tender flower

my thought I bring to you, my orphanhood

I bring to you my love, my poverty.

I came wishing to be caught in the net of your lust.

I bring to you the mirror that reflects

all the sunsets and all the stars

as you wish them, as your desire commands

smash it to pieces with your golden hands.

To the lands of immenseness: dreamy

voyages, wishes for a safe trip…instead

of these the earth I want that I’m stepped on

by your beloved tender soles.

Βραδινὴ φωτιά, 1944

Evening Fire, 1944