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She stored his pictures in the album

dusted the chest carefully

hid her sighs inside an envelope

placed it on the side of her heart then

sat mesmerized by the memory of him

lingering in her mind as a crystal laughter

like when he used to take her hand saying: love you

From ‘Vernal Equinox’, a collection of poems by Manolis.
Ekstasis Editions, Victoria 2011


Ξάφνου στο βυσσινί

ομιχλώδες λυκόφως

τα χαρακτηριστικά της

ήρθαν στη θύμησή του

τα μάτια και το χαμόγελό της

απ’ τις μέρες εκείνες

που ονειρευόταν

ν’ ανιχνεύσει τις δεκαοχτώ χρονών

ερωτικές της καμπύλες



Suddenly in the violet foggy evening

her features came back to him

her eyes and smile

from days long gone

when he never stopped dreaming

of exploring her eighteen-year-old

lascivious and eloquent curves