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In the crystal nigh I’ll find you
again in the plaza by the same
statue who saw us separating

that cold October morning
you to the west I to the east
from the merging point

of two lives like triangle
lines and I’ll come to you
holding a book in my left

hand and a carnation in the
other just in case you come
looking to stir my emotions

just in case you come yearning
for kisses like that cold
October morning we separated

From ‘Vernal Equinox’, Ekstasis Editions, Victoria BC

vernal equinox


If you didn’t get to the train station

at that exact time you wouldn’t

have met him you wouldn’t have

started dating you wouldn’t have

married you wouldn’t have

the twins graduating this year and

where would you be now

had you taken the next train?


Αν δεν είχες φτάσει στο σταθμό

του τρένου εκείνο ακριβώς το λεπτό

δεν θα τον συναντούσες

δεν θα γνωριζόσαστε

δεν θα βγαίνατε ραντεβού

δεν θα παντρευόσαστε

δεν θα’χατε αποκτήσει τους δίδυμους

που αποφοιτούν εφέτος και

τι θα γινόταν αν είχες πάρει

το επόμενο τρένο


From ‘Vernal Equinox’ by Manolis,